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KNRA Story

What is Kent Narrow Racing Association?

Kent Narrow Racing Association (KNRA) is a group dedicated to promoting the sport of power boat racing.  Importantly, this promotion ensures Kent Narrows’ growth and development since we actively leverage area business support to increase our sense of community spirit and good will.

When, and how, did the KNRA begin?

KNRA became an official boating club organization in 1990.  The KNRA’s development was the direct result of local businessmen’s realization — after having once thrived as a power boating community — the absence of power boat racing in The Narrow’s had caused damage to not only the sport but also, to the community.  In short, with the absence of formal powerboat racing events, community members saw a decline in the local residents’ enthusiasm, interest, and sense of unity.

What does KNRA do?

KNRA’s objectives are to restore interest behind the sport of power boat racing, while also providing local residents and business people with an opportunity to make a cooperative contribution to the community.  The KNRA’s primary activity is the creation and promotion of “The Kent Narrows Power Boat Challenge” Hydroplane Rage.  Secondarily, the KNRA participates annually in the area boating events, festivals and other special events.

Why would I want to be a KNRA member?

People Join KNRA because being a member is both fun AND very worthwhile!  As KNRA members, you will attend meetings and have full voting rights to help determine what will be best to:

  • Promote the sport of power boat racing
  • enhance the local image and local activities
  • build cooperative personal and professional relationships
  • increase The Narrows impact as a favorite Maryland destination

How can I join KNRA?

You can become a KNRA member simply by printing and completing the below form, as instructed.  There is a nominal membership fee to cover the cost of monthly newsletters, meeting expenses and non-profit organization tax accounting.  Remember, however, family memberships entitle you to discount (individual) rates for membership as well as reduce costs for KNRA family functions.